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CEO's Message



"Experience the feeling of visiting Korea”

Thank you for visiting Hannam Supermarket today. Hannam Supermarket, since its inception in 1998 starting with the current Burnaby location, has expanded to operate a total of four stores in Metro Vancouver, including Surrey, Robson, and Langley as of 2023. With over 11,000 items, we proudly serve as the leading “Korean Food and Household Goods Specialist Market” in the Western Canada region, catering to more than 3,500 customers daily.

For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, we aim to introduce the true flavors of Korea, while for those familiar with Korean food, we strive to provide the same taste and culture as if you were in Korea. We tirelessly work to introduce a wider range of specialized Korean products.

At Hannam Supermarket, we prioritize the following values:

  • The largest and most diverse selection of Korean products and brands in Canada
  • Unbeatable Quality & Price
  • Friendly service with the warmth unique to Koreans, like family.

“Hannam is Korea.”

Having grown alongside the Korean community, Hannam Supermarket is always there with you. As a market introducing Korean food and culture simultaneously in Canada, we are another Korea within Canada. We provide authentic Korean taste and service to people worldwide in the same time zone.

With unwavering dedication, we strive to not only grow as a top Korean company in Western Canada, making the Korean community proud but also fulfill our role as ambassadors of Korean food, spreading the goodness of Korean cuisine to the world in the freshest way possible.

Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who choose to visit Hannam Supermarket. Thank you.

Grace Han / CEO