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Hannam “Thank you” Gift Card

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HNS Gift card

HNS Gift Card
Hannam Supermarket Gift Cards are available at all Hannam Supermarket locations (Burnaby, Surrey, Robson, Langley) and can be used as cash for purchases at any store. You can purchase the gift cards at the Customer Service (CS) desk in each store and load them with any desired amount (rechargeable). You have the flexibility to use the gift card for any desired amount, no matter how small, and can recharge the balance at any time after use.

Gift Card Recharge and Purchase Locations:
Burnaby Store: 604-420-8856
Surrey Store: 604-580-3433
Robson Store: 604-974-9684
Langley Store: 604-539-6267
Yaletown Express: 604-559-3200

The gift card number consists of an 8-digit number located on the back of the gift card.
HNS Gift Cards can be recharged and reused for any desired amount according to customer preference.

Remaining Balance

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