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HNS Membership

Join [Hannam Membership] and enjoy various benefits that accumulate with every purchase! Present your membership card during checkout to earn points, which will be indicated on your receipt. Accumulated points can be checked at the bottom of each receipt and on the website.

Benefit 1: Membership Points
Accumulated points can be used as cash and offer various benefits such as gifts and redemption items during special events.

Benefit 2: Cash Coupons
When you shop at Hannam, for every $100 purchase, you will receive a “Cash Coupon” worth $1.5 at the bottom of your receipt, which can be used as cash. (Please note that during certain events, some items may not be included in the total amount. Up to 4 coupons can be issued per transaction.)

Point Expiration Notice
Points will expire after 3 years from the date of accumulation. During various events held throughout the year, enjoy a more satisfying shopping experience by utilizing your points!

Join hns membership

How to Join Hannam Membership:

Visit the customer service desk at any Hannam store to sign up.

For online applications, click on “Apply Online,” fill out the form, and submit it.
Then, visit the customer service desk at any Hannam store to receive your membership card.

(You can start using the membership card once you receive it.)

Membership Inquiry Phone Numbers:

Burnaby: 604-420-8856 / Surrey: 604-580-3433 / Robson: 604-974-9684 / Langley: 604-539-6267 / Yaletown Express: 604-559-3200